Our Team

Drew A. Farion

Project Head and Creative Producer


Project Lead, Traveller and a Dreamer & Founder of the company, the heartbeat of the agency and A true believer in the potential of virtual reality can bring change in disable/critically ill children’s life.

“When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true” Jiminy Cricket

Drew A. Farion is a world traveller. Over a 10-year span, he back-packed to over 33 countries around the globe. Drew’s vision aims to improve mental health and quality of life by bringing the world-expanding technology of virtual reality to disable children life, who either reside in an assisted living community or in their own homes. He hopes to implement systems for measuring, recording, and tracking aesthetic scenes. he hopes participants will eventually be benefited by the videos and progress with respect to mood, energy levels, and feelings of positivity.

Highlights of his adventures are being;

  • Citizen of the World: 15-Year seasoned Traveller

  • Crew Recreation Director/ Cabin Steward of SS Liberte Cruise Ship in Tahiti

  • Event Co-coordinator/ Kitchen Tractor Man on Kibbutz Ein-Harod in Israel

  • Receival Point Operator for CBH – Lake Varley, Western Australia

  • Team Leader of the ‘Getto Dog Tour’: Circumnavigated the continent of Australia to go to America’s Cup and look for adventure across entire continent

Entrepreneur for the majority of adult life. Serially extrovert, who can make friends on an elevator…. so, interviewing eclectic personalities live, unscripted, up close and personal across Europe will be no problem.

Tunca Köterin

Videographer / DP

Fascinated by the people’s stories, he always feels connected to stories of people all around the world, with different cultures, lives and memories. started my career as filmmaker and editor in 2015.

Tunca has sharpened his technical skills by working on more than 100 projects for international brands, with more than 30 companies from all around the world, including Adidas, L’Oréal, Nivea, Gliss, Algida, and Vodafone, in various projects in Fashion, Cosmetics, Food, Technology sector etc: as director, first assistant director, motion designer, video editor, post-production supervisor, photographer, audio engineer.

Living in and travelling to various cities and countries, gave him opportunity to observe marvelous artworks and meet colorful cultures. With all this experience, he also broadend his perspective to communicate and share stories by working as music producer

Paras Rathi

Photographer and DoP

An experienced Director of Photography with an eye to visually capture the beautiful sceneries of the world. From lighting to composition to manipulating the time and space on screen.

Paras is also a professional photographer with an eye for a powerful image.  He has completed a number of projects for diverse client. His eclectic career path has taken him through all areas of the creative industries.

Ryyan Butt

Film Director and Production Manager


Conceptualization, Creative Ideation and Direction

Ryyan is a storyteller by day and a visualizer by night. He is an award-winning filmmaker and director with a special expertise in humanitarian and development issues. He is known as a concept dreamer digital weaver determined to bring forth a new wave of creative thinking in the industry.

He is an experiential expert – merging the physical and digital to develop concepts that find the sweet spot where cutting-edge tech and real-world human experience meet in exciting and engaging ways. To revitalize his skills in new tech-savvy videography industry Ryyan emerged himself in the filed web coding.

He has managed several productions including commercials, documentaries, music videos and short films. He has been at the head of numerous productions in His task is to create engaging work environment while overseeing creative development of scripted and unscripted projects. 

His work blurs the lines between management, creativity and production. He uses his 15 years in TV Commercial production, performing arts & Film/documentary direction interchangeably to best support each project and find creative solutions. He has carefully curated and produced for the best brands, agencies and production partners around the globe since 2011. He concentrates his energy on positivity and living in the present.

Eslam Hassan

Videographer and Drone Operator

Started as an assistant in 2008 he worked in a small media production company then upgraded his skillset in field of videography learned some tech-savvy techniques of visual capturing.

He has experience of working in controllable as well as uncontrollable environment, including music videos, TV commercials, live events and shows. 

Graduated from faculty of arts from Mansoura University in 2013, Eslam believe in improving his expertise and evolve with new technology besides all above, he has expertise as video switcher, streaming, light system, postproduction video editing and colouring.

Joseph Okuboarere


Expertise: Post production and Humanitarian filmmaker

Award Winning Creative Filmmaker and and Writer. Done variety of films and Documentaries across States and Countries in West Africa. 

Loves People, Cultures and travels. His work encompasses an unusually broad range of styles across many mediums including branded content, commercials, factual, music videos and drama. He has special interest in working on issues of children and disabled people.  

Griffin Robinson

Motion Graphics and Production Expert

Griffin is a master at combining graphically composed live action with stylised art direction, camera trickery and visual effects.

His work is known for handling large technically demanding motion graphics during and post video shoots. Some of his works includes; content for sports teams, corporate advertisements, motion graphic editing, graphic designing, email campaigns as well as graphic packages for live productions