About Us

Dream On is an immersive content creation studio focused on telling unique, high-impact and thought-provoking stories.

Here at Dream On we want our stories to give hope and reflect our view of the world as a small place within which all of our dreams are interlaced, interconnected and interdependent.

We believe that

  • Anything we create – We create with vision!
  • Vision to bring change and exposure
  • Vision to conquer fear
  • Vision to make wishes true
  • And a vision to make dream real

A team of filmmakers, editors, animators, writers and creatives united by a shared commitment to use their creativity as a force for change in the world.

Realizing Dreams Creatively

Our Mission & Services

To create compelling story, we submerge ourselves in the lives of people to understand what they want to see, hear and feel.

We call this building the purpose. By combining heaps of character with a deeper sense of meaning, we develop experiences that connects to consumers soul. With this vision in mind our higher purpose is to create a catalog of virtual reality experiences that showcase the beautiful places, destinations, events of the world and bring those experiences to children and youth who are living with disability or critical illness.

Even if for a brief moment, we want to be a ray of sunshine that helps these children ease the load they carry. Creating a Virtual Reality story is just the start. At our film studio we have an experienced team that can deliver across multiple touch points. From developing content that stands out to creating visuals that connects souls, our mission is to help our viewers to take the next step on their journey.

Have a look around. If you like what you see, we can talk about your future, together.